Club Rules
Chaos reigns without RULES - so we must have rules. There are rules too from Table Tennis England and also Bedford & District Table Tennis League. Our rules can be downloaded from the links below. BCTTC Constitution 2015 BCTTC Rules shown below; click heading to download CLUB RULES Members will individually and personally be responsible for: Complying with Table Tennis etiquette. Behaviour at club sessions and whilst visiting other clubs. Paying the annual membership within the required deadlines. Paying match and club sessions fees. Assist the Executive committee whenever possible or required. Dress code in accordance with club requirements – Minimum of Trainers and non-white tops (so as not to clash with the white ball) – Dressing in team shirts / kit is not essential, either in club sessions or club matches, but would be encouraged. When playing for the club comply with all the Bedford and District Table Tennis League rules – All league player to be supplied with the B&DTT Annual Handbook containing the rules of competition Games/Matches/Competitions to be conducted in accordance with rules laid down by Table Tennis England. When attending Club sessions to conform to format as designated by session organiser. Members selected to represent the club must have first attended at least 7 Club sessions prior to becoming eligible for selection. The Bedford Community Table Tennis Club expects that everyone involved with the club will: respect the rights, dignity and worth of anyone they meet within our sport; treat everyone equally regardless of age, ability, gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, social status or sexual orientation; accept it is all of our responsibility to challenge any injustice that may occur within our sport; accept that everyone has the right to be protected from abuse. Always do your best in every situation and set a positive example to others. Treat both the competition and training venues with respect and always leave kit bags neatly where they will not cause an obstruction to others. Players must be responsible for ensuring that they arrive at the either the competition or training venues with all their correct kit and equipment and must be responsible for their belongings. No player should take or in any way interfere with another person’s property or belongings.. Be courteous and polite to all the people you meet particularly your opponents, practice partners, coaches and fellow team and squad members. This also includes negative body language whilst on the table tennis table. Take responsibility for yourself in and out of competition and training and always be aware of your personal safety. Always respect and never under estimate your opponents. Always encourage and support your fellow team members at all times without behaving in an unsporting manner towards their opponents. Bullying (verbal and physical) of fellow team/squad members or opponents will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Never use inappropriate language. Resist any temptation to take banned substances. Should any member be accused of breaking Club rules or bringing the Club or the game of Table Tennis into disrepute the matter will be discussed by the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final, but can be subject to an appeals process.
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