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If you would like to join but unsure…. Give Chairman Harve a ring on 07884 938753 who will book you in to one of our 2 hour sessions (for free if you’ve not been before) convenient to yourself, so you can see us at work. If you are under 18 you will need your Parent or Legal Guardian to call for you. We all have a great time and Table Tennis is excellent for increasing your fitness whilst having fun. Played in your youth on the dining room table and not played since? Call us If you would rather apply or enquire by email click HERE.  You will be contacted by our Chairman Harve Samynathan
A personal note from me as this Website Manager You may be worried about joining. I was. But I joined in October 2017 having tried various alternatives in the area. I won’t name them here. I had not played since learning from my Mum on the dining room table. I guess I was about 12. A full sized table seemed massive. Our dining room table had pull out flaps each end and the join was not even and we both aimed at the join so we gave the other a bad bounce. What made me want to play again after 30-40 years? 3 things really 1, I retired and had some time on my hands, 2, I had a friend in the same camera club who mentioned “table tennis” in passing, and 3, I needed some exercise. Neither of us is in that camera club now. Since joining I found additional (obvious) benefits - 4, its in the dry, 5 its in the warm, 6 not in the dark, 7 makes good friends No bullshit; I found the Members here very accommodating, friendly and didn’t “play down” for me. They wanted to win. Their prize? ME. poor sods
Bedford community table tennis