Teams 2019/20
The Captain will field a team of 3 from the list shown in any team group, or someone could “play up” from a lower team. So for example in Team A which contains 4 Members, should 3 not be able to play in a match then someone from any lower team, could substitute in A to field a full team. This information is know to be out- of-date as I am awaiting new updates
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as of September 2019
Division Team BDTTL  Home match day Player name Alpha  Reference (Venue) Fixture Table Div 1 A B Wednesdays Valentin Cazacu Captain (Bedford Academy) Ioan Constantin Stefan Haller Sachin Thomas Div 2 B G Thursdays Paul Unger Captain (Churchlane) Rafal Wdowczyk Mike Upton Robbie Burke Div 3 C A Thursdays Mick Beveridge Captain (Churchlane) Keith Burgess Rob Merritt Har-Saivak Singh (Junior) Div 3 D G Wednesdays Ian Smith Captain (Bedford Academy) John Close Saurabh Sethi Zahid Ali Harve Swamenathan (Standby) Div 4 E Y Wednesdays Cate Thomas Captain (Bedford Acdemy) Geoff Hardwick Alan Gobey David Short Amanda Quince Div 4 F U Wednesdays Amrit Singh Captain (Bedford Acdemy) Rowan Forrester Chris Waters Esteban Bernasconi Div 5 G U Wednesdays Roger Walworth Captain (Bedford Academy) Tony Wharton Thomas Short (Junior) Reese Jarman (Junior) Graham Edgeley Div 5 H Z Wednesdays Diane Whitmore Captain (Bedford Academy) Piotr Tubek Rob Wills Alison May Div 5 I X Wednesdays Roy Judge Captain (Bedford Academy) Nicholas Watt Rod Jones Penny Davis Robert Cook
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