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19/8 Amanda Loved the opportunity to practise and play with people with more talent and experience than I have and to learn from a top player like Paul. Would really like another session on how to return a variety of devilish serves. Many thanks to Paul for giving up his time and to you Roy for organising such a great session Best Amanda  
19/8 Geoff Hi Roy, I'd like to thank Paul for agreeing to and carrying out the coaching on Thursday evening and also to yourself for coordinating the session. I found the session extremely useful and gained a lot out of it. Although I'm quite happy with two hour training sessions I know that a couple of players found it exhausting. Perhaps the coaching could be reduced to one hour and use the second hour for either practise or playing. For future events it would be useful to cover serve types and returns and backhand lobs. Best regards. Geoff
  22 10.18 Har-Saivak Hello Roy Thank you for the amazing training opportunity and it was very highly appreciated. I would give the event an 11 out of 10 as it was very beneficial to me as a player. In the future events coming, I would like to work on more backhand strokes and game play situations. Thank you again. Regards Har-Saivak
  22 10 18 Tony Hi Roy I would be interested in some coaching on aspects of spin serving and its interpretation by the receiver. Many thanks Tony  
Finally, Roy I was lucky to be included in the candidates (or victims as I call them) and found the event extremely useful and hopefully has improved my skills, provided, of course, that I can remember all of Pauls excellent training and procedures. Thanks Paul, Roy Judge
We are trialling some internal training on occasions when there are no matches at our Church Lane venue. Paul Unger has very kindly offered to give some of his spare time to helping other Club Members and the first of these took place on 18 October when Paul invited Members from Teams D & E to learn “how to loop from an incoming ball with backspin”. Feedback from those taking part are shown below.
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